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1. 2000 Funerals

"2000 Funerals" was originally released as a digital download.

Now available on the CD-EP Loose Screws


Graham Parker 2000 Funerals ---Digital Single

BS 904 2005

From GP himself:

"In late October 2005, after hearing the news that 2000 American military personnel had died in Iraq, I began work on this song. It was not hard to get angry about this depressing development, but feeling angry is like falling off a log for me, and the melodic structure I quickly developed suggested a much more complex reaction. Therefore, I shunned any outright commentary and attempted to imbue the song with respect and dignity and pay tribute to the idea that 2000 sons and daughters are gone forever. After playing the tune live a few times, it seemed a good idea to release it immediately, before the figure 2000 is a distant memory. Who knows, maybe an Iraqi songwriter will respond by writing a song called "A Darn Sight More Than 2000 Funerals."

Sadly, GP's comments proved all too prescient and the "2000 Funerals'" title is mournfully out of date. The song, however, becomes more and more powerful.

Produced and mixed by GP and Aaron "Louie" Hurwitz.
GP: Vocal, acoustic, electric guitars, lap steel, bass guitars and harmonica.

"With the left and right indignantly sneering at each other over the Gordian knot of the Iraq war, I’ve been waiting for a songwriter to succinctly sum up the universal sorrow of the situation without pointing fingers like a smarmy, self righteous lunatic. So God bless the spit and vinegar of Graham Parker, of the world’s greatest songwriting treasures, to get it right in a new song that I think everyone can agree on with '2000 Funerals.'" —Louisville KY Weekly